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Artificial Intelligence

Coordinator: Cecilia Celeste Danesi (

The development of technological innovation is an issue that has a transversal impact on our society. It is a phenomenon that generates consequences on people’s lives in an unexpected and involuntary way; even if they want to stay apart, technology invades them.

​There is no doubt that artificial intelligence is the current technological milestone: the most disruptive innovation, also called the “Fourth Industrial Revolution”. The main characteristics of IA that may concern Legal Professionals are autonomy and self-learning: this means that a machine can make decisions that are totally independent from its creator or designer and, in addition, it can continue learning. Another important thing of this technology is its ability to process a huge amount of data.

In this context, the legislative scenario is overwhelming. The reality shows that –in almost every case- there are no particular regulations to approach the specificities of IA. For this reason, we are interested in analyzing and studying this amazing phenomenon thoroughly. 

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