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The New Technologies, Education and Law Exploratory is the result of a Research Project at the University of Buenos Aires Law School (Argentina), as a part of a Technical and Science Program (UBACIT).

Our aim is to contribute to legal university education, in order to adapt it to the current needs of a new society that is merged with technology, without leaving behind our traditional values. In other words, we focus on stimulating knowledge democratization.

In that regard, the members of this Exploratory promote creative ways of interaction between the new technologies and the legal world, considering all new disciplinary fields and scientific challenges that lead us to redefine the professional skills of future university graduates.


The purpose of our work, in particular, is to provide a space for:

  • Publications of academic interdisciplinary works related to Technology, Education and Law.

  • Broadcast of news and events related to Technology, Education and Law.

  • Information exchange with similar projects.

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