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Bengali movie in bengali. Bengali movie cast. bengali movie. Bengali movie kamrupi.1. Field of the Invention This invention relates to digital watermarking and, more particularly, to a method for determining a reference level of a digital watermark signal for a signature verification technique. 2. Description of the Related Art Digital watermarks are typically employed to ensure the content provider's ownership and authenticity of the content. This may be necessary where the content is distributed through a network such as the Internet, or when the content is broadcast or distributed in physical media such as CDs or DVDs. The content provider may wish to ensure that its content is not cloned and re-distributed without the permission of the content provider. In addition, the content provider may wish to ensure that its content is not re-distributed in an altered form. The alteration may include such activities as cutting and pasting portions of the content, rearranging and re-sizing the content, and applying arbitrary digital filters to the content. Various methods have been proposed for embedding a watermark in content. For example, U.S. Pat. No. 5,659,352 describes a spread spectrum watermarking method which is capable of embedding the watermark without perceptible distortion in the content. Other techniques of watermark embedding are also described in U.S. Pat. Nos. 5,734,752, 5,889,868, and 5,915,027. For content provider authentication and tracking purposes, the content provider embeds a watermark in the content itself. The watermark is typically employed in association with a content-specific identifier such as a serial number, a message digest, or an encryption key. The content provider may wish to verify the authenticity of a piece of content, or confirm that it is authorized for subsequent use. The content provider may also wish to authenticate the owner of a piece of content. Where the content is a physical product, the owner may wish to ensure that the content is genuine and that it has not been cloned, or in the case of a software product, the owner may wish to ensure that he or she is the copyright holder. For instance, a content provider of DVD movies may wish to verify that a particular copy of a movie is authorized for use by a particular individual. Typically, the content provider embeds the watermark by modifying the content in some manner. For example, the content provider may




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Bindass Bengali Movie 720p 287 rebezen

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